Discs by Type

There are four types of golf discs: Distance Drivers, Fairway Drivers, Midrange Discs, and Putt & Approach.

While any disc can be used for any shot, the types define the common uses of each disc.


Distance Drivers

Discs that are classified as Distance, or Maximum Distance Drivers can reach high speeds and great distances. These discs can reach distances of over 350 feet, when thrown correctly. This class of discs can be hard for beginners to throw, power and technique are needed.


Fairway Drivers

Fairway Drivers are lower speed drivers. Usually these discs are more stable, have thinner rims, and fly straighter. This class of disc fills the gap between Midrange Discs and Distance Drivers. Often beginners will be able to throw these farther than Distance Drivers.


Midrange Discs

Midrange Discs are slower and straighter flying and have rounded, less aerodynamic edges. This class of discs are made for control and accuracy. These discs have also been referred to as multi-purpose discs and can be used for all shots from drives to putts.


Putt & Approach

Putt & Approach are the slowest and straightest flying disc golf discs. They are usually easy to control and won’t go too far. These discs are great for putting into the basket and approaching the basket too.