Plutonium (First Run) | Terra | 174g | Element

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 Speed: Glide: Turn: Fade:
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Element Discs is proud to introduce its second disc to the market, the PDGA-approved Plutonium.

This stable putt and approach is a versatile putter that holds the line it is put on. When thrown flat, the Plutonium will resist turn at high speeds but also has a slow gentle fade with a soft finish. No need to worry about skipping by the basket, as the Plutonium sits down just like the Iridium. This disc is a little faster than most putters so it is perfect for those shots in between putter and mid. Also finds a place in the putting game with a slightly shallow rim with small bead, which some find more comfortable in the hand.

This first run of Plutonium is all in black - slightly stiffer than the Iridium plastic, but awesome nonetheless!
(FYI - This was originally the Proto2 - PVSD)